Essential Tools for Dancers and Artists Everywhere

Each week we feature gadgets that catch our attention because they are useful, innovative, or just have a way to make our dancing lives more fun!

We are not endorsed to promote any of these products, we simply wish to share with you some great gadgets we’ve discovered during our travels.

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Colourful Office Supplies!



Make your life beautiful with Poppin office supplies in 15 different colours! We all have office junk. Make it pretty!

$6.99 – $23.99 Buy them here:



Read This Book And Be Organized Forever More

51H8x07Fd7L._SX351_BO1,204,203,200_The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, by Marie Kondo

You just might let go of half of the stuff you have cluttering up your life after reading this. Really.

$7.22 – $13.22

Get it here:




Do Ballet Barre Barre, Run, Walk, Burn Extra Calories and Gain Strength With These

index Nike Ankle Weights

These are the easiest and fastest to get on and off out of all weights we tried, and the Velcro will stay closed through out your workout rampage. According to our non-scientific and biased research.

You can buy them in Nike stores, but call ahead first to make sure they are in stock.



Write Down Your Thoughts And Dreams In These Nearly Indestructible Beautiful Journals

18 Month Color Notebooks

Moleskine Journals

Did you know that writing really does make a difference? Dancers dance better if they write. Useful things to write down:

  • Goals
  • Things you usually forget
  • Corrections after classes
  • Why you might hate writing

$3.95 – $22.00

Buy it:


How To Become Your Most Flexible Self


Seriously cool tool for all of us who love to stretch. It has padding in all the correct places to allow it to be maneuvered for any crazy stretch you can think of. Plus they also make super cute warm-up black vests, which by the way, are awesome.

$69.95 USD

Get it:



Yes, Why You SHOULD Pay $98 For Best Dance Pants

LW5ACKR_0001_BLu Lu Lemon Pants

We urge you to do the unthinkable: Yes, spend real money on dance wear, and wear it forever without looking like a Salvation Army regular. Or, accessorize your mountain of second-hand pants with these, and wear them on your audition days only. Do you notice how your second-hand pants wear out after a year? These won’t. It’s worth it!

$98 Get it:



Spin Spot: How to spin like a whirlwind


Spin Spot

The Spin Spot is a small turning-tool which assists in learning spotting and turning techniques. Use oit to improve holding a proper passe, core, and arm placement in ballet and jazz pirouettes. The Spin Spot develops muscle memory for proper turn prep techniques by having the ability to actually releve into turns. The slight incline from surface of the Spin Spot to the floor strengthens the muscles behind the knees, and promotes holding a higher releve, according to it’s creators. It’s annoying however that it’s impossible to figure out how much it costs.

Get it:

Teachers: This Will Help You Keep Track of All Those Kids!

hand-apple-iphone-smartphone-large Attendance 2

A beautiful app which does everything you could dream of to keep track of the four Samanthas and six Jessicas, not to mention Aaradhya. If you are seriously name-challenged, this will allow you to take a photo (just for you) of your lovelies so you can quickly learn who is who. You can also keep track of lateness, absence patterns and additional notes for each student. How great is that? And it’s only $6.99. Hours saved: priceless.

$6.99 – Get it on itunes.