From Turn Out episode aired at 9:00 am on Wednesday, December 7, 2016 on CIUT 89.5 FM Produced by Nicole Hamilton, Malgorzata Nowacka and Samara Thompson.

Segment 1
Panel Discussion: York University Professor Mary Fogarty and York University students Eve Robertson, Serouj “Midus” Aprahamian, and Jacqueline Melinda with co-producer Samara Thompson

Segment 2
Discussion: Roshanak Jaberi with co-producer Nicole Hamilton

Today’s show is about dance and empowerment. Dance is empowering in so many ways, such through its movement, message, strength, surrounding culture, music, its clothing, its representation.

Iranian-Canadian performer, producer, and choreographer Roshanak Jaberi, grounded in contemporary dance and theatre focuses on socially pertinent and politically significant matters with an emphasis on women’s issues.

Mary Fogerty, b-girl, author, and dance professor at York University is joined by breakers Serouj Aprahamian, better known as Midus, and Jacqueline Melindy in a panel discussion with Samara Thompson to discuss how hip hop empowers with its moves, fashion, and politics.

* Photo credit: Roshanak Jaberi