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Airing Date: May 30, 2020
Hosted By: Nicole Hamilton

This special live YouTube broadcast welcomes Esie Mensah and the Cast of “SHADES” as they open up about Shadeism.  Featured Guests include; Percy Anane- Dwumfour, Roney Lewis, Miranda Liverpool, Shakeil Rollock, Celina Lee, Tereka Tyler Davis, and Samson Bonkeabantu Brown.

About “SHADES”

Making its debut at the Fall for Dance North festival, Esie Mensah’s “SHADES” re-examines the wound that is colourism – prejudice against a person based on the fairness, or darkness of their skin colour- inflicts on the Black community, specifically undoing the stitches in Mensah’s and six other dancers’ personal lives. Set against choreography and text, SHADES breaks the code of silence, compelling the audience to face how such brutality, whether on a global scale with colonization, or an offhand remark from a loved one, permeates generations.