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"I enjoyed your show once again this morning. Great info from Social Worker and Chiropractor. Hosts very charming as usual. I always find your shows so relevant not just to dancers, but professionals in general." - Duane

"I love the show so much I often find that I try to schedule meetings around it.  You are all doing a great job and provide so much information for all of us in the dance community and lovers of dance." - Marsha Josephs

Get Your Dancing Pole

Helpful Tools and Pretty Things

Our gadget of the week is a product from Dance Poles Canada – dedicated dealer of X-Pole. The following is helpful information about poles from: Different X-Pole Types: X-Pert Poles – fully mounted, and can spin or be stationary…

The Flexistretcher

Helpful Tools and Pretty Things

The Flexistretcher is a tool created to keep up with the daily demands of a professional dancer. Here is more about it from the Flexistretcher web site: The Flexistretcher products and training techniques are ballerina-inspired; however, they have proven to…