Restorative culture: With Johnathan Morin

Live on CIUT 89.5 FM

Airing Date: March 15, 2023
Hosted By: Travis Knights (Guest host)

Producer: Nicole Inica Hamilton
Assistant Production Manager/ Editor:  Amber Downie-Back

Featured Guest(s): Johnathan Morin

On this episode, guest host Travis Knights sits down with Johnathan Morin (Co-Artistic Director and Producer of Rhythm & Sound) to discuss tap dance, healing, and the Tap Love Tour documentary feature ‘Restorative Culture: Johnathan Morin.’

About Johnathan Morin:

Johnathan Morin, an Indigenous artist of Cree descent, is quickly becoming a leading force in Canadian tap dance today. Hailing from Treaty 6 Edmonton, Alberta, Morin’s talent has earned him recognition across the country and around the world. He is currently based in Treaty 13 Toronto, Ontario. Despite his young age of 31, Morin has already achieved an impressive list of accomplishments. He was recently nominated for a Dora Mayor Moore Award for his role in the ensemble of “Tap Legacy Concert,” produced by Dance Immersion and choreographed by Lisa La Touche and Travis Knights. Morin’s other accolades include serving as principal dancer in the tap dance production “Love.Be.Best.Free,” directed and choreographed by Danny Nielsen. The show’s 3.5 week tour in British Columbia marked the first tap dance tour in Western Canada in 35 years.


Morin has also performed at the TD Toronto Jazz Festival as a guest and as a featured artist. In 2018, he danced with Toffan Rhythm Projects alongside the Toronto Jazz Orchestra as part of the 2018 Edwards Summer Music Series. In addition to his impressive performances, Morin is the Co-Artistic Director and Producer of the tap dance company “Rhythm & Sound,” which was established in 2015. The group has been presented by Feats Festival of Dance in Edmonton in 2017 and the Toronto International Tap Dance Festival in 2017.They are preparing to premiere new work in the summer of 2023.As a teacher, Morin is highly respected and has taught at various well-respected studios. He has been on faculty for the Vancouver International Tap Festival (2014), Toronto International Tap Festival (2017),and Edmonton’s Feats Festival (2015 and 2017).With his talent, dedication, and impressive list of accomplishments, Johnathan Morin is sure to continue making rhythmic waves in the world of Canadian tap dance for years to come

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