Leap (of faith): With Jenn Goodwin


Live on CIUT 89.5 FM

Airing Date: July 5, 2023
Hosted By: Nicole Inica Hamilton

Producer: Nicole Inica Hamilton
Assistant Production Manager/ Editor:  Amber Downie-Back

Featured Guest(s): Jenn Goodwin

On this episode, Jenn Goodwin (dance artist, curator, and artistic producer/programmer) opens up about exploring the play, power, and politics of the body in motion. 

About Jenn Goodwin

Jenn Goodwin is a Tkaronto/Toronto based dance artist, curator, and artistic producer/programmer. A settler, feminist, learner, and mother of two, much of her art and producing practice focuses on dismantling barriers to art for both artists and publics, temporary art in public space and championing artists and communities by way of their art practices.

Her work and collaborations often explore the play, power, and politics of the body in motion, the feminization of public space, women’s presence, absence, and resilience, and the choreographic of the everyday. Over the last 25 years her dance work has been shown across Canada and internationally. Goodwin founded DoorTODoor Dances during the Covid-19 pandemic with Sarah Doucet, Kate Nankervis & Zoja Smutny to deliver dances to the doorsteps of long-term care homes.

She is currently the Curator of Public Programs at The Toronto Biennial of Art. Prior to that she worked with the City of Toronto Arts & Culture Department with a focus on Nuit Blanche and more recently ArtworxTO. She has written for various magazines and journals including Holding Ground, Nuit Blanche & Other Ruptures, the Journal for Curatorial Studies, Canadian Theatre Review, The Dance Current, ANANDAM and others.